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How to Track Emails

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You can use G-Lock Analytics service to track your emails so you know if they were opened and read. Email blast tracking reports are presented in the textual and graphical format. You can also view the geographical localization of unique opens of your email message. With these types of reports you can figure out if your customers find your emails interesting, or what part of them they like more.

Do Tracking Links Reduce Click-Through Rate? (Case Study)

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One of the greatest things about e-mail is that we can track how our recipients act upon our messages. Email tracking statistics – opens, clicks, and click-throughs – tell us whether our audience likes the email and what part of it they are mostly interested in.While open rate primarily depends on the email From and Subject, click and click-through rates are determined by your offer. It’s simple. If a recipient likes the offer, he clicks the link to get it.But… you must admit that people are now very careful to open unknown emails and click on strange links.

Real Time Email Tracking

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Real Time Email Tracking

G-Lock EasyMail is integrated with G-Lock Analyticsemail tracking service – which helps you clearly understand what is happening to your emails after they are sent. Email tracking stats are saved to your account on G-Lock Analytics.

Our instant reports will provide you with real time stats about your email campaign performance:

  • Email Opens Tracking
    Track who opened your message and see what part of your recipients opened the email in the plain text format
  • Link Clicks Tracking
    Track who clicks and what links are clicked the most
  • Email Forwards and Prints Tracking
    See how many times your email was forwarded and printed to estimate the recipients’ interest in your message
  • Over Time Activity
    See how your recipients’ activity changes over time to know what day/time is best to send the email
  • Most Engaged Recipients
    Track those who opened your email many times. You can define the number of email opens to determine most engaged recipients yourself.
  • Unsubscribe Tracking
    We provide you with an unsubscribe link that you can add to your email so that your recipients can remove themselves from your list. Unsubscribes are collected in your account.
  • Email Clients Usage
    See which email clients your subscribers are using to open your emails and save your time for optimizing your newsletter only for mostly used email applications
  • Geographical Localization
    Track what countries your active recipients are from
  • Report Export
    Export your tracking reports to MS Excel or CSV file

Here you can download a PDF User Guide to learn more how to track email campaigns with G-Lock Analytics

G-Lock Analytics is a standalone service. The price for G-Lock Analytics is NOT included into the price for G-Lock EasyMail license. You can create a free account on G-Lock Analytics to try how it works for you. If you like the service and want to continue using it, you should invest into any of our plans and upgrade your account. Read here about G-Lock Analytics plans and pricing.

Blacklists: Major Blocks on the Path to the Inbox

Written by Julia. Posted in Articles

Blacklists are the most challenging issue for email marketers. You may follow best email marketing practices compliant with CAN-SPAM law and still end up in a blacklist. The worst thing is that you will not even know that you are blacklisted until you take some steps to investigate the issue.

So, in this article we’ll talk about the causes why you may get into a blacklist, examine the ways how you can determine if you’ve been blacklisted or not, and give several tips what to do if you got blacklisted.