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When Recognition Can Play a Nasty Trick on You

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One of the best email marketing practices says that the recipient must immediately recognize our emails in their Inbox. Good email marketers follow this practice and use various sender recognition elements in the email such us constant individual’s or company’s name as the Sender name, brand name in the Subject line, company logo at the top of the email that displays in the preview pane, habitual email template design and colors. All of this lets the recipient instantly know that the message is from you. Sender recognition leads to the email open provided the recipient is interested in what you send. So far so good.

How to Track Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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How to Track Email Opens and Clicks

G-Lock EasyMail is compatible with our email tracking service G-Lock Analytics. G-Lock Analytics is a cost-effective web service to track email campaigns in real time. You can easily track your email campaigns all over the world and clearly understand who from your customers are most interested in your emails, or what part of them they like more.

In this tutorial I’ll tell you how you can easily add tracking links to your email newsletter using G-Lock EasyMail and start tracking your email campaigns right now.


Creating User Account

After you signup for a plan on G-Lock Analytics, the system will automatically create your user account in our database. Your login email address and password will be sent you via email. You will be able to change your password from your account.

Login to your account and download a redirect script. We suggest that you upload the redirect script to your website.

Placing a redirect script onto your website will allow you keep your brand in front of your recipients and not confuse them with a generic tracking domain. You don’t want to send subscribers to a third-party website. Links that go to a tracking domain may cause some recipients to not trust you and to not click through. If you upload a redirect script to YOUR website, tracking links will go through your own domain. 

Adding Email Campaign from G-Lock EasyMail

After you upload the redirect script to your site, connect to your account from G-Lock EasyMail to be able to track the emails and collect email metrics. To connect to your G-Lock Analytics account:

1. Open G-Lock EasyMail
2. Click Home -> Settings -> G-Lock Analytics
3. Enter your login email and password
4. Click Test and click OK

login to G-Lock Analytics account


After you successfully connected to your account on G-Lock Analytics, you can add an email campaign.

To add an email campaign:

1. Create an email message or open a draft or template in the Edit Message window.
2. Click on G-Lock Analytics tab on the Edit Message window.
3. Click on Enable Tracking
4. Click on Add New Campaign
5. Fill in the form

Campaign Name: – Any name for your campaign (you can enter the subject of your email, for example)

Tag: –  Type a tag for the campaign (optional). For example: [G-Lock EasyMail].

Redirect Script URL:   –  Check the “Use Redirect Script:” box and type the URL of the redirect script on your website, for example:

6. Click Add to add the campaign.

The campaign will be added to your G-Lock Analytics account and will be shown in the Campaign field.

add campaign from G-Lock EasyMail

Tracking Email Opens, Prints and Forwards

During the sending process G-Lock EasyMail will automatically add a code which tracks email opens, prints and forwards to your message source. No action is required from your part.

While email opens can be tracked in ALL email clients and web based services, not all email clients and web based services allow track email prints and forwards.  

Tracking Link Clicks

To track link clicks, G-Lock EasyMail will replace your regular links with tracking links generated by G-Lock Analytics.

If your HTML message includes an image which is attached to a link and clickable, G-Lock EasyMail will replace the link to the image with the tracking link too so the image clicks will be tracked.

Important! During the sending process ALL regular links in your message will be replaced by the tracking links. But there are two cases when links will not be replaced by tracking links:

  • If a link includes a merge field, for example,
  • If a link is already converted into the tracking link.
As G-Lock EasyMail will replace all links into tracking links except two cases mentioned above, here is a trick how to keep an original link in the email if you don’t want to track it.

Go to the HTML source of the email, find the link, put the mouse at the end of the link, click on the Merge menu and merge a field that is empty for this group in G-Lock EasyMail address book. For example,

Then go to the plain text part of your email and merge the same field at the end of the link in the text part.

Now when the link contains a merge field, it will not be replaced with the tracking link. Since the %%Comment%% field is empty in the address book, nothing will be merged at the end of the link.  The link will look like when the users receive the email. 

Adding Unsubscribe Link in G-Lock EasyMail

To collect people who unsubscribed from your mailings, you can insert a tracking unsubscribe link into your email. G-Lock Analytics generates an unsubscribe link for you. To insert the unsubscribe link into your email, do this.

Click on G-Lock Analytics tab on the Edit Message screen.

Click on “Enable Tracking” button and select the campaign.

Highlight the text to which you want to attach the unsubscribe link to, for example, “Click here to unsubscribe”, and click on the “Click to insert Unsubscribe Link”.

add unsubscribe link

If you don’t have any anchor text, just put the mouse at the place where you want to add the unsubscribe link and click on the “Click to insert Unsubscribe Link”. The link will be inserted using “Unsubscribe” as the anchor text.

Now go to the plain text part of your email, put the mouse at the place where the unsubscribe link must be added and click on the “Click to insert Unsubscribe Link”.

The unsubscribe link will be inserted in this format:

where %%Encoded_Email_Analytics%% will be replaced by the encrypted recipient’s email during the sending process. 

Testing Email with Tracking Links

Before sending the email to the whole group, we recommended that you send it to a test group which contains your test email addresses.

Receive the email on your test accounts, open the message and click on the links. Then go to your G-Lock Analytics account and view the statistics to ensure the email opens and clicks are calculated.

A good idea is to create test email accounts on most popular email services like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and send a test email with tracking links to those accounts. Not only will you be able to check if the email metrics are calculated, you will also be able to see how your message is treated by those services. If your email arrives into the Bulk or Junk Email folder on any of your test accounts, you’ll need to make the necessary corrections to deliver it into the Inbox. 

Reporting Bounced Emails from G-Lock EasyMail to Email Tracking Service

You can the Bounced Manager module from our newsletter sending program to collect and process bounced emails after your email campaign is complete. After bounced emails are collected, you can report the number of bounced emails from our email sender software to your G-Lock Analytics account. The email metrics will be calculated with regard for bounces and you will get more accurate results.

To report bounced emails to G-Lock Analytics:

  • Click on G-Lock Analytics tab in the Bounced Manager
  • Click Login to connect to your G-Lock Analytics account
  • Select a campaign you want to report bounces for
  • Click Report Bounces button

The number of bounced emails will be reported into “Number of Bounced” field on your G-Lock Analytics account. You can open your account, click on Edit button for the campaign and check the number of bounced emails. If the Bounced Manager wasn’t able to report the correct number of bounced emails, you can enter the number of bounces yourself.

report bounced emails

Managing Opens and Unsubscribes in G-Lock EasyMail

In G-Lock EasyMail address book you can copy the email addresses of the recipients who opened the email or unsubscribed from your mailings to a new group in the address book, or add them to the group exclusion list, or save them to a file.

To do this, use Who Opened and Who Unsubscribed menus in the address book.

These options make it easy to segment the list based on email tracking results and send the email only to the recipients who didn’t open your last message.

Here you can download a complete user guide How to Send and Track Email Marketing Campaigns Using G-Lock EasyMail and G-Lock Analytics (in PDF format).

Getting into Your Prospect’s Mind

Written by Julia. Posted in Articles

The Internet teems with practical advices, tips and tricks on email marketing: how to create an email newsletter, build an email list, get better response rate and so on. Such information is absolutely important and should be studied by email marketers, in particular, by those one who are just starting their online business. By the way, you can find much useful information on email marketing in the articles on my blog. Do you want to know how to make your emails easier and friendlier to your subscribers? Go on and read my 5 Real Steps to Easier Email

But in this article I won’t tell about any 1, 2, 3 … best email marketing practices and strategies. What I am going to focus on is a psychological aspect of the Internet marketing.

Multiple Workplaces Support

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Multiple Workplaces Support

In  our G-Lock EasyMail Business edition you can create a unique workplace [which includes email messages, contacts, program settings and accounts] for each of your clients and easily switch between the workplaces inside the program. See the potential?

Firstly, it’s like having your own email marketing service — you can create many workplaces, run email campaigns for third party companies and individuals and see the cash flowing into your pocket.

open new workplace in G-Lock EasyMail

Secondly, it’s a great possibility to outsource and delegate email marketing when multiple users run email campaigns sharing the same data. Let’s say you installed G-Lock EasyMail on 3 computers at your office. You create a workplace on a shared disk and now 2 other users of G-Lock EasyMail can access this workplace from on their computers. When one user updates the address book, or creates a new message, the changes are automatically recognized when another user opens this workplace on his computer.

No need to manually synchronize the data for all G-Lock EasyMail users which means you save precious time and can organize your team work in the most convenient way for you. 

Blacklists: Major Blocks on the Path to the Inbox

Written by Julia. Posted in Articles

Blacklists are the most challenging issue for email marketers. You may follow best email marketing practices compliant with CAN-SPAM law and still end up in a blacklist. The worst thing is that you will not even know that you are blacklisted until you take some steps to investigate the issue.

So, in this article we’ll talk about the causes why you may get into a blacklist, examine the ways how you can determine if you’ve been blacklisted or not, and give several tips what to do if you got blacklisted.

Sender Reputation: Easy to Ruin and Hard to Restore

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Your sender reputation with ISPs is the key factor which determines what will happen to your email after you click “Send”. Your reputation is built on your email sending activity, and it’s much easier to spoil it rather than restore your good name.

Although many email marketers underestimate it, sender reputation is a big concern. A bad reputation is often the reason for the emails being filtered and not reaching the recipients.